Professional Tutors Vs Online Tutorials

e_LearningThe medium of online classes are becoming more popular these days. Everybody is interested in learning through online. You need to know whether it is convenient and fits you. Every medium has its own pros and cons. To know all of that you must Read the full article.

When it comes to online classes, here you should be a self-learner. There are different kinds of online classes. They are like blogs and videos, in which the instructions will be, given and one can learn from it. In another type, the online classes are planned like a curriculum or course. Other form comes with the DVDs in which the videos will be there along with the teaching instructions.

Another most popular type is a group class through online. Here a group of people can be connected in conference and a live class is conducted.

Here is a list of questions that would help you to decide which class would be convenient for you. The questions are even given with the rating numbers that would help you in self-accessing.

Starting from q1 rate, yourself with the numbers 1-5 depending upon your level and check the total score for better result.

Are you

Beginner , intermediate or advanced player


Self –discipline and dedication to stick to a schedule without any companion.


The one does not follow the instructions, wish to do something of your own.
Monthly budget for music classes
$120, $20, $0
Feel like you don’t know, what you want to

Write all the answers in a separate paper and count it.
If your total fall between 5 and 13 then it is better if you assist a private personal guitar class.
If your score falls between 14 -18 then you can manage better with online classes along with the offline practice
If your score is between 19-25 then you are a very good self-learner and you will make better use of the available resources both online and offline.